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The Simcoe County District School Board has more than 100 school libraries, and all schools have a full-time teacher-librarian. There are approximately 1.5 million items in the current resource collection.

Teacher-librarians work with students and staff to develop collections that are engaging for students and staff. The goals are to provide relevant resources for learning, instruction and reading enjoyment.

Teacher-librarians work with students, staff, administration and families to support and improve student literacy and academic achievement.

Library Links (passwords required for some)

SORA (use your school network login) (Sora APP available on mobile devices - "school" is Simcoe County DSB)

Tumble Book Library (Primary). (password required)

Tumble Book Cloud (Junior/Intermediate) (password required)

BookFLIX (password required)


Britannica School (password required)

Learn 360 (use your school network login)

Ontario Educational Resource Bank (password required)

Stats Canada

Which book should I read next? (List and text created by D. Brown.)

Good Reads ~ Check out the genre-specific lists or your friends' bookshelves, rate and review books, and create a wish list of future reads.

What Should I Read Next? ~ WSIRN? will generate a list of related books and authors based on a database of over 80,000 titles and more than one million reader recommendations.

Which Book? ~ This site is amazingly accurate! This site offers suggestions based on your mood -- gradient scales ranging from "Optimistic" to "Bleak," "Larger than life" to "Down to earth," and "Expected" to "Unpredictable," among others, let you set the tone of your next big (or small) read -- or on character, plot, and/or setting preferences.

Library Thing ~ Library Thing lets you create a profile and view what your friends are reading, as well as browse their substantive catalog. Join one of the online discussion groups, or check out the more-or-less-live message board; a social and active book network awaits!

Gnooks ~ This site is not exclusively for books -- it also contains categories for movies and music -- but the literature map is a distinct feature.

Features weekly updates on the best-selling books in 2013

Lists the best-selling children's/teen books of all time

A wonderful site from the U.K. which includes a 10 million title data base. Join clubs, "ask a librarian" feature.

The Library of Congress
Podcasts, locating titles, letters from authors, manuscripts….just about anything that one can think of with regard to books

The New York Times Book Review

The Barrie Public Library

More Library Links!

Why not check out this great website for boys?

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Speakaboos Read Write Think Starfall
TumbleBook Library Reading Rainbow Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Define, Rhyme Write Source Alphabet
ICDL Mikids! ABC Learn
Writing Fun Writing Fix Enchanted Learning
Clifford Scholastic Stephenie Meyer Word Search Maker


Interactive Math Math Playground National Library of Virtual Manipultives
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Social Studies

Middle Ages Information Road to Confederation Grade 8 History Cartoon
CIA World Facts Cool Canada Daily Life in New France
National Geographic Career Cruising World War I
Roles in New France Grade 7 Particle Theory


Build your own space mission Simple Machine Endangered List
Particle Theory Nature Notebook Grade 8 Science
States of Matter Cells Video Grade 7 Energy
Water Cycle Rocks & Minerals Water Quiz

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Birthday Calculator BitStrip for School Barbie!
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TVO Kids Minis
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